How do I reset & repair my GoGear MP3/MP4 player?


Watch our short tutorial video or follow the instructions below

Step-by-Step instructions for resetting & repairing your GoGear MP3/MP4 player:

  1. Insert a small object such as an unfolded paper clip or a pen lid into the small pin-hole labelled reset, this is usually on the bottom of the player
  2. The screen will go blank for a few seconds, when it comes back on it will show it is updating
  3. If the problem persists open the Philips Songbird software on your computer
  4. Connect your GoGear to your computer with the USB cable
  5. Select Tools > Repair my Philips Device
  6. A small box will appear on screen for you to select your model, this can be found on a small label on the GoGear
  7. Press continue
  8. Another prompt will appear asking you to disconnect your GoGear
  9. Press and hold the volume up button and reconnect the GoGear without releasing this button
  10. From this point follow the onscreen instructions to complete the repair

Tip: If the problems persist after following all of these steps please contact Consumer Care

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