No audio is coming from the soundbar, only quick static and a flashing light.


The digital inputs (coaxial/optical) on the CSS2123/F7 support PCM audio only. The CSS2123/F7 will not play a Dolby Digital signal. If a Dolby Digital signal is being sent to the soundbar you will hear a short static sound and then the "surround" led will flash. This is normal when tying to play Dolby Digital audio. This will only happen if using the Digital Coax Audio or Optical Cables.
You will need change the auto output on the source(TV/Cable/Satellite/Game System/etc...). Find the audio settings on the source device and change the audio output to "Auto", "PCM", or "Bitstream" Once this has been change the sound bar will work as expected.
Connect the device using analog audio cables
Note: You may need to contact the manufactureof the source for assistants in changing the audio output settings.



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