Why do I get 'Software update failed. Please try again' when completing an update?


If you have software version 105_0 or 108_0  you will not be able to complete a software update from the network update feature in the TV. To check your software version please complete the following:

1. Press 'Menu' on the remote.
2. Select 'Setup' and press 'OK' on the remote
3. Select 'Software' and press 'OK' on the remote
4. Select 'Software information' and press 'OK' on the remote
5. you will see a version number like this [PHL-0CCX_###_#]. If the numbers listed in the '#' are 105_0 or 108_0 you will need to complete the software update from a USB stick.
To complete the software update please visit and enter your model number in the search box in the middle of the screen and select your model.
Once on the support page the software update directions will be in the top right corner of the screen.

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