How do I connect my TV to the internet? (2K11 or 2K12)


Your TV is equipped with internet features. In order to use them you need to connect the TV to a network with an internet connection. Please complete the steps listed below to connect the TV wirelessly to the internet.

Note: You most have a wireless router that is connected to the internet in your home to use the internet features of TV. 
1. Press Menu on the TV remote.
2. Select Setup from the menu screen and press OK on the remote.
3. Select Installation and press OK  on the remote.
4. Select Network and press Ok on the remote.
5. Select Network setting assistant  and press OK on the remote.
6. Select Start Now  and press OK on the remote.
7. Select Wireless and press OK on the remote.
8. Select Scan  and press OK on the remote.
9. The TV will now search for all nearby wireless networks.
10. A list of the nearby wireless networks is shown on the TV.
11. Select your wireless network and press OK.
12. Next selct Manual to enter your wireless password and press OK  on the remote. You can also select Easy Connect if your router has a WPS button.
13. Use the TV remote to enter your password and then select OK.
Note: The passwords are case sensitive.
14. If the password is correct you will see Status: Pass.
15. If the status is Fail double check your wireless password or move the router closer to the TV.
 To check the wireless password please see this video:
16. You can now enjoy the NetTV apps on the TV!
You can watch this video for a brief description of all the NetTV apps.

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