How to improve audio streaming connectivity by AirPlay?


High quality lossless audio transfer requires a large bandwidth. Therefore, a stable Wi-Fi connectivity is essential for seamless audio streaming by AirPlay.

Below are some tips for better audio streaming connectivity:

  • Upgrade your Apple device to the latest iOS version.   
  • If you have opened many apps on iPod touch/iPhone/iPad, close the apps from the multitasking bar.
    • Minimize the number of apps that are running on your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad. 
  • Minimize the sharing of Wi-Fi connections by multiple devices.
    • When there is internet connection activities (such as web browsing, social network access, email checking or usage of IP (internet protocol) camera through the Wi-Fi network, network connection could be occupied and this might affect AirPlay audio streaming performance.
  • If the router offers “Auto Channel Scan” option, enable it.
    • This minimizes Wi-Fi connectivity interference, especially when there are multiple Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity.
  • If you are using AirPort Extreme, make sure “802.11n (802.11b/g compatible)” is selected for Radio Mode.
    • Do not select options with “802.11n only”.
  • Upgrade your Airplay device 
    • Check the support page for the new firmware availability, and then update if there is any.
  • Take off any metal protective case from the Apple device 
    • AirPlay performance would be affected if the Apple device is shielded by metallic material.
  • If the router offers “Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling (WISH)” option or “Quality of Service (QoS)” option, enable them.
    • This would improve AirPlay streaming performance.
  • If the Bluetooth feature of any device in the vicinity is on, turn it off. 
    • This would improve AirPlay streaming performance.
  • Check the firmware version of your router
    • Please contact your router supplier to upgrade the latest firmware version.

For further information, refer to Apple web page,

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