What is the best type of coffee to use in my Philips Saeco espresso machine?


You can use any type of whole bean coffee, with the exception of caramelized beans.
Different roasts will offer you a different taste (and aftertaste).

Roasts vary from light (with a lighter, sharper flavor) to dark (very deep, rich flavor).

An example of different types of roasts are:
Light Commercial Roast (Light Brown) – Non-oily, light in color, mild taste
Medium Roast (Cinnamon Brown) – Stronger flavor, non-oily, preferred in the USA
Medium-Dark Roast (Brown, some oils) – Rich in color, some oil, bittersweet aftertaste
Espresso- Dark Roast (Dark Brown, oily) - Shiny black, oily surface and evident bitterness

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