Why do I have no picture when connected to my AT&T U-Verse cable box?


When connected with an HDMI cable to some AT&T U-Verse cable box you may experience no picture. This incompatibly has been corrected in a software update. To correct this problem please complete a software update. The easiest way to complete a software update is to use the Network update feature on the TV.

With the TV connected to the internet complete the following:

1. Press Menu on the remote.
2. Select Software Update > Network > Yes and then press OK.
3. The TV will check for the newest software update.
4. Select Yes to confirm the update listed.
5. It may take a while to complete the update. DO NOT TURN OFF THE TV.
6. When the update is complete, press Power.
7. After the TV is off you can power it back on.
8. Done!
If you prefer to update from a USB drive you may visit

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