Why is no water or steam being dispensed from my Syntia?


If you are attempting to run water or steam from the hot water steam wand and nothing is being dispensed, there could be a couple of different reasons that this would occur. There may be a clog in your Pannarello or water line, which could be an indication that your machine needs to be descaled. You may also have a vapor lock, or an issue with your Intenza water filter (optional accessory).

Please see attachment for instructions on cleaning the Pannarello and checking the Intenza water filter.

To place an order for your descaling solution (RI9111/12), and your Intenza Water Filter (RI9113/24) you can contact our parts partner, Fox International, at the following number:
In the USA: 800-321-6993
In Canada: 800-333-1064 (also known as ICPS)

The descaler and Intenza Water Filter are also part of the Saeco Maintenance Kit (RI9128/47) which includes two bottles of liquid descaler, two Intenza Water Filters, replacement o-rings, cleaning brush, one tube of food grade brew unit lubricant and a 10 pack of cleaning tablets.
You can also place your order at or through any authorized service center.


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