How do I descale my Odea (old descaling process)?


For this machine there are two different descaling procedures. Please check, which procedure is applicable for your machine before you continue. For a detailed help on this please have a look at the attached FAQ.

Regular descaling is necessary to ensure the long life of your Saeco machine. How frequently the descaling procedure must be carried out, depends how regularly you use your machine. 30 liters is the benchmark – So if your Odea has consumed about 17 tanks of water, descaling should be done. It does not matter whether the water was used for brewing coffee, frothing the milk or just to rinse the system.

Attention: Do not use vinegar to descale.
When descaling use the original Philips / Saeco descaling agent, product number:CA6700/00 or RI9111/12. You can purchase it at ( or through one of our authorised distributors.

Remove the Panarello (if available) from the steam wand as well as the INTENZA water filter before you´ll start descaling. Also make sure that you have one or more containers of suitable size nearby (1.5 lt).
Pour the whole bottle of descaler into the water tank and then fill up to the top with water. Please make sure, that you fill the tank to MAX mark, as otherwise may more rinsing processes will be required. After that, reinsert the tank, and continue to the next steps of the descaling process which should take approximately 35 minutes.

You descale your machine as follows:

  1. Place a container beneath the steam wand und press the button
  2. Turn the button to the position and run the descaling solution through the system for 15 seconds into the container.
  3. Stop the output after 15 seconds by placing the button back to the center position . Empty the container and turn the machine off for 10 minutes.
  4. Repeat the steps 1 – 3 until the descaler fluid contained in the water tank is completely drained. Please note that you only have to switch the machine off for ten minutes for the first time you go through step 1-3. After this please run through the steps every 3 minutes.

The next stage in the process is the rinsing cycle:

  1. Please rinse the water tank thoroughly and fill it with fresh drinking water.
  2. Place a container beneath the steam wand und press the button .
  3. Turn the button to the position to start the rinsing through the machine with the clean water.
  4. When no water is left in the tank, turn the button to the position .

  5. Now repeat steps 1 through 4 for a second rinsing.
  6. Press the button to finish the decaling.
  7. Rinse the water tank thoroughly and fill it with fresh drinking water

The descaling process is now complete, reattach the Panarello (if applicable) to the steam wand andyour machine is ready for use.

If descaling is interrupted by turning off the machine, the tank and the internal pipes must be rinsed in the machine before using following the rinsing cycle.

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