Any tips for better maintenance of the remote control?


When you use the remote control:

  • Locate the device such that the infra-red sensor on the device is not blocked. Avoid placing objects in front of the sensor.
  • When you point the remote control to the device, make sure it is a straight line between the infra-red sensor and the remote control.
  • Remove any obstacle between the remote control and the infra-red sensor.
  • In case it appears no response on the device, press and hold the button for a little longer.

Tips for maintenance of the remote control:

  • Keep it away from children or pets.
  • Keep it away from heat. Do not place it near a heater.
  • Keep it away from high humidity or moisture.
  • Replace batteries regularly (every 9 months to 12 months), even the batteries are not yet flat. Do not mix old with new batteries.

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