Any tips for choosing the most suitable connection method for different devices?


It is common that we need to connect several devices (for example, a disc player, a set-top box and a game console) to the TV. And there are a number of connection methods available, such as HDMI connection, component cable connection, and composite cable connection, etc). Sometimes it may be difficult to decide the connection method for a device.

Different connection method gives different video quality. For example, HDMI connection offers better video quality than component cables connection does. It would be an ideal case if we can connect to all devices using the connection method that offers the best quality. However, in reality it is often not possible because the number of jacks for connection is limited. For example, there are only 2 HDMI jacks on some TV models.

As a result, we have to decide how to allocate the connection method for different devices. This decision depends on the picture quality you want when using that device. For example, if you play video games more often than playing a movie, you may want to reserve the HDMI connection for the game console, and use component cables for connecting the player to the TV.

Common connection methods are as follows:

Connection / Cable used Appearance Signal transmission Characteristics
HDMI cable version 1.4   Audio and video Gives video quality with 1080p
Component cables   Video Gives video quality with 1080i
S-Video cable   Video Gives video quality with 480i
Composite cable (yellow)   Video Gives video quality with 480i
Composite cable (white and red)   Audio For the “L” and "R” audio jack
Optical audio cable   Audio For “Optical IN” jack
AUX cable   Audio 3.5mm audio plug for “AUX IN” jack

The general rule is, first take a look of the TV and see the numbers of different connection jacks available. Then allocate the connection method that offers the best signal quality (usually the HDMI) to the device that you use the most.

Philips has especially created for you an interactive guide to connect different audio-visual devices. Visit for more guidance.


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