How much food can I prepare in the airfryer?


The basket of the airfryer can be filled up to the 'max' indication in the basket. The maximum quantity of ingredients that can be prepared depends on the kind of food you want to prepare.

- If you prepare potatoes or fries, the basket can hold up to 30 oz. of homemade French fries or 25 oz. of frozen fries, enough for a family of four. If large amounts of food are placed in the basket, the end result may not be even. The optimal quantity of French fries that can be prepared in one go is 20 oz. for both homemade and frozen fries. When preparing large quantities of fries, make sure you shake the basket at least once during the air frying process. For larger quantities it is even recommended that you shake it 2-3 times to help improve your results.
- You can air fry up to 15 oz. of small snacks at the same time. Make sure you shake halfway through the process.
- When you want to air fry large snacks, meat or poultry, distribute one layer of snacks over the bottom of the basket. Make sure the bottom of the basket is not completely covered so that hot air can still circulate around the ingredients.
- When you prepare stuffed vegetables, filled dough snacks or other fragile food, put one layer on the bottom of the basket. Make sure you leave enough room between the ingredients so that you can lift them out with a pair of tongs.
- If you want to bake cakes, quiches, muffins, or breads, use an oven tray with a diameter of 6.3 inches. Do not fill oven trays or baking pans more than halfway, as the dough will rise during air frying. If you put too much dough in the tray or baking pan, the rising dough may touch the heating element and the top may get burned.

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