Precooking food for the barbeque and grill.


Some foods such as chicken and spare ribs need to be fully cooked to be eaten safely. The airfryer can be easily used to precook meat and poultry for use on a barbeque or grill.
Potatoes can also be precooked in the airfryer for baking or roasting on a barbeque at a later stage. Precooking food has the following advantages:

Precooking ensures that the barbecued or grilled foods are completely cooked.
The food will barbecue or grill faster.
Meat and poultry stays juicier.

Precook poultry in the airfryer at 212°F for 15 minutes.
Precook spare ribs in the airfryer at 176°F for 15 minutes.
Precook whole potatoes in the airfryer at 302°F for 12 minutes.

Store the precooked food appropriately. Chill it if you want to precook hours before you start barbecuing or grilling it. Bacteria tend to develop quickly in precooked meat or poultry that is not chilled.

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