My home-made fries did not turn out as I expected. What can I do?


If you want to make good home-made fries in the airfryer, pay attention to the following:
- Choose a variety of potato suitable for making fries.
- It is best to bake the fries in portions of up to 20 oz. for an even result.
- Larger fries can be less crispy than smaller fries.
- Shake the basket 2-3 times during the air frying process.

Instructions on how to prepare Home-made fries:

  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into sticks.
  2. Soak the potato sticks in a bowl for at least 30 minutes, take them out and dry them with kitchen paper.
  3. Pour half a tablespoon of olive oil into a bowl, put the sticks in the bowl and mix until the sticks are coated with oil.
  4. Remove the sticks from the bowl with your fingers or a kitchen utensil so that excess oil stays in the bowl. Put the sticks in the basket.
  5. Fry the potato sticks at 350°F and shake the basket halfway through the hot air frying process. Shake 2-3 times if you are preparing more than 25 oz. of fries.

    Type and Amount (oz.) Temperature Time
    Home-made fries 10-30 (oz.) 355°F 18-25 minutes
    shake basket 2-3 times

Note: Add 3 minutes to the preparation time if you start frying while the airfryer is still cold.

Tip: Guaranteed good results are much easier to obtain if you use pre-baked frozen or chilled fries from the supermarket.
When you prepare pre-baked (e.g. frozen) fries or potato gratin, you can follow the instructions below.

Type and Amount (oz.) Temperature Time
Thin frozen fries 10-25 (oz.) 390°F 12-16 minutes
shake basket 2-3 times
Thick frozen fries 10-25 (oz.) 390°F 12-20 minutes
shake basket 2-3 times
Potato gratin 20 (oz.) 350°F 18-22 minutes

Note: Add 3 minutes to the preparation time if you start frying while the airfryer is still cold.

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