How do I recognize, which descaling process is correct for my Odea?


Depending on the installed software version, there are two different descaling procedures for your Odea.
Check when your machine was produced or (if applicable) when it was in one of our service centers.

Use the new descaling process if:

  • Your machine was serviced / repaired after December 3rd 2012 by one of our service centers 
  • Your machine was produced in or after week 49 of 2012.

Use the old descaling process if:

  • Your machine has not been into one of our service centers since December 3rd 2012 
  • Your machine was produced before week 49 of 2012.

To determine the production date, check the serial number on the label of your machine. The serial number can be found on the inside of the service door:

To determine the production year and week, please check the four digits after the number 90 (for serial numbers which begin with 90SA, the four digits after this sequence of letters are indicative of the production date.).
The first two digits represent the production year (e.g. “10” = “year 2010”).
The subsequent two digits determine the week (e.g. “43” = “week 43”).
In this example, the machine was produced in the 43 Week of 2010 andhe old descaling process must be used. 

From a production number of xx901242 the new descaling process is applicable as the machine was produced in week 42 2012. 

The different descaling procedures can be found in appendix.

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