Software/driver information


Firmware upgrade version 002.022.005 for SA2515/02, SA2515/37, SA2515/93, SA2515/97, SA2525/93, SA2525/97, SA2526/37, SA2545/37, SA2615/55, SA2615/97, SA2625/02, SA2627/02, SA2627/37, SA2627/55, SA2627/93, SA2627/97, SA2628/37, SA2629/55, SA2645/02, MSA2025

This upgrade includes: The firmware files (version 2.22.5)




- Enhance Memory control (Minimize the risk of memory loss)

- Improved boot time

- Fixed the memory full issue

- Fixed the unable to upgrade firmware problem

- Fixed the hang up in boot up problem, when copy more than 100 music files into root directory

- Fixed the hang up problem when plugging and unplugging the USB cable

- Fixed the memory full in recording mode (resume the build database patch)





Please make sure that your PC is running on

Windows ME

Windows 2000

Windows XP (home or Professional)



Do I need the software?


To check the firmware version of your device

·     At play mode, press the MENU key

·     Select SETTINGS from the root menu of your player

·     Select INFORMATION and FW version and then press the > key

·     You will see the FW Version



How to download the software to your PC


There is no need to download the firmware from this link to your PC. Please follow the steps under How to upload the software to your device the Philips Device manager will automatically go onto the support site and download the firmware for you and upload into your device.



How to upload the software to your device


1.       First make sure that you have your PC connected to the internet, as the firmware manager will download the firmware from the firmware server, it is necessary that you have the PC online during the entire the process.

2.       Launch the Philips Device Manager at Start -> Programs -> Philips Digital Audio Player -> SA25XX (or SA26XX) -> Philips SA25XX (or SA26XX) Device Manager on your PC.  If you do not have this program installed yet, install it from the by-packed CD or download it from

3.       Connect the GoGear player to the PC. Switch on the player.

4.       Click the UPDATE button,

5.       The upgrade process will continue to download firmware.

7.       Once the upgrade process is completed, click FINISH to close the application.

8.       You may now disconnect the GoGear Player from your computer.


Upgrade History


2.75      Initial Version

2.18      Improvement made on response time

            Improvement made on database management

2.20.5   Improve memory stability to reduce the chance of hang up.

Enable the player to display long file name.

Solved the issue with the showing of duplicate folders in internal media list

Solved the problem with the display of wrong number of tracks when large number of tracks have been transferred

Solved the problem with unit power off when memory full is displayed at boot up