Partnership for Television business with TPV: no impact expected for you as consumer


I own a Philips Television: does anything change for me? 
No, nothing changes. Your warranty, guarantee and support stay the same. 

I want to buy a Philips Television, does anything change for me? 
No, nothing changes. Philips’ commitments in terms of warranties and guarantees will remain unchanged Philips Television will continue with great innovation in picture quality, 
SmartTV and Cinema proportion Televisions (like Cinema 21:9). 

Related questions: 
What did Philips announce and when? 
Philips announced that it plans to enter a joint venture partnership for its Television business with TPV Technology. TPV is one of the largest manufacturers of Televisions in the world. 
Together they plan to become a major player in Television globally. They announced this news on Monday, April 18 2011. 

Why is Philips doing this? 
Philips is doing this to create a stronger Television business. This partnership places Philips Television business at the core of an industry ecosystem, 
which has television and its components as its strategic focus. The joint venture will leverage the strength of the Philips brand, innovation power and trade relationships, 
with the additional scale and manufacturing strengths of TPV. 

Does it mean Philips is leaving the Television business? 
No. It means Philips wants to make it stronger. 

Will Philips Television continue to be made? Will Philips continue to bring new ranges to the market? 
Yes. Philips Televisions will continue to be made. Philips already launched a new range of Televisions in March and will have a new range in September. 

If I want more information, who can I contact? 
Please contact Philips Consumer Care.