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What can I do if water comes out from underneath my machine?


If you find some water underneath the machine, this may have several causes:

  1. The drip tray is too full and overflowed during brewing or the descaling process.
    There are two drip trays; one under the dispensing spout and one behind the service door. To prevent the drip trays from overflowing during brewing, make sure that:
    • You empty the internal drip tray when the message "EMPTY DRIP TRAY" is displayed.
    • The machine is placed on a horizontal surface so that the external ’drip tray full’ indicator is able to work correctly.
    • Before you start brewing one or two cups of coffee check the drip trays.
    • Before you start descaling the machine, make sure that the drip trays are empty.

  2. Check if the water tank is leaking.
    A leak in the water tank can be hard to trace. An easy way to check this is to fill the water tank with water, dry the bottom of the water tank, and place the water tank on a dry towel. If the towel is still dry after one hour, the water tank is not leaking. 

  3. The brew unit or the drains may be blocked.
    Rinse the brew group with lukewarm water and clean the upper filter carefully. Also clean the inside of the machine with a soft, damp cloth. 

    Expert’s tip:
    “A pipe cleaner is particularly useful for cleaning hard-to-reach places, especially the steam wand and the coffee dispensing spout”


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