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Saeco Intelia Evo Super-automatic espresso machine HD8754/11 Brews 8 coffee varieties Integrated milk jug & frother Stainless steel 5 step adjustable grinder
Cleaning and Maintenance


How do I descale my Intelia?


The frequency of descaling depends on the water hardness in your area and the amount of water that has passed the circuits. Whether the water is used for brewing coffee, frothing milk or just to flush the system makes no difference. Below you can find the tables with the descaling intervals with and without the Intenza+ filter.  

Example of descaling interval:  
When you have selected a water hardness of 4 and not inserted an extra water filter, the Calc Clean icon will appear on the display after 30 liters of water have been used (30 Liters is approx. 20 full water tanks).

When you have inserted an Intenza+ water filter into the water tank, the frequency of descaling will be lower. Always make sure that you select water filter “ON” in the menu of the machine if you have inserted the Intenza+ filter.

Caution: Never use vinegar as a decalcifier.
Use the Philips/Saeco decalcifier. You can purchase the SAECO decalcifier separately in the Philips Online shop ( or at a local dealer.

Descaling instructions: 
The complete descaling takes up about 35 minutes. When the machine’s display shows the CALC CLEAN icon, this means that you need to descale. Regular descaling is necessary to ensure a long life for your Saeco machine. 

Before you start the descaling cycle, make sure that; 
- The drip tray is empty.
- The extra water filter (INTENZA+) is removed from the water tank.
- The milk jug is inserted.

  1. Your machine indicates that descaling is necessary. Press the “ ” button. Then press the “ ” button until the “ ” symbol is shown in the display.
  2. Press the “ ” button to confirm the descaling process. The descaler symbol will appear on the display.
  3. Take out the water tank. Pour the entire bottle of Saeco descaling solution in the water tank.
  4. Top up the water tank with fresh tap water to the MAX line. (Please ensure the max line is reached otherwise this will require further rinsing). Place back the water tank into the machine.

  5. Place a large container (1 liter) underneath the milk carafe dispenser and the dispensing spout.
  6. Press the “ ” button to start the descaling cycle.
  7. The machine will start dispensing the descaling solution at intervals. The bar on the display shows the progress.
    The descaling cycle can be paused by pressing the “ ” button .To resume the cycle, press the “ ” button again.
  8. When the mixture of descaling solution and water has been used up, the ‘water tank empty’ symbol appears on the display. Clean the water tank thoroughly and fill it with fresh water.

  9. When you have inserted the water tank with fresh water, the start symbol appears on the display. Press the " " button and the machine starts the rinsing cycle.
  10. When the ‘water tank empty’ symbol appears on the display again, refill the water tank with fresh water to the MAX. Insert the water tank into the machine and press the "" button again to continue.
  11. You may need to refill the water tank several times to finish the rinsing process. Every time the water tank needs to be refilled, the ‘water tank empty’ symbol appears on the display.
  12. When the flushing process is finished, the display will show “End“. Press the “ “ button to select the exiting.

  13. The machine automatically primes the circuit, then warms up, and performs the automatic self-cleaning cycle to prepare for brewing.


Wash the brew group afterwards with water. You can find the instructions for cleaning in below 'Related Articles’. 

Guidelines for descaling frequency. 

Descaling interval without INTENZA+ Water Filter

Water Hardness Descaling Interval
1 = Very soft (upto 7° dH) After 240 Liter
2 = Soft (7° till 14° dH) After 120 Liter
3 = Hard (14° till 21° dH) After   60 Liter
4 = Very hard (21° dH and more) After   30 Liter


Descaling interval with INTENZA+ Water Filter 

Water Hardness Descaling Interval
1 = Very soft (upto 7° dH) After 480 Liter
2 = Soft (7° till 14° dH) After 240 Liter
3 = Hard (14° till 21° dH) After 120 Liter
4 = Very hard (21° dH and more) After   60 Liter

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