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Saeco GranBaristo Avanti Super-automatic espresso machine HD8967/01 Brews 18 coffee varieties Integrated milk jug & frother Steel/Anthracite 5 step adjustable grinder
Cleaning and Maintenance


How do I descale my machine?


If the machine display shows the CALC CLEAN symbol  , it means that you need to descale. Regular descaling is necessary to ensure a long life for your Saeco machine.
Use the Philips/Saeco decalcifier CA6700. You can purchase the SAECO decalcifier separately in the Online Shop or at a local dealer. Click here to go to the Online Shop. 

Descaling instructions: 
The complete descaling takes up about 30 minutes and consists of 2 cycles: 1 descaling cycle and 1 rinsing cycles. Once started you need to complete the descale procedure till the very end without any interruption.
Note: If the water tank is not filled up to MAX level, the machine might require two or more refills for the rinsing cycle.

You can follow the instructions in the descaling support movie.


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