VIDEO - How should I reassemble the cutters in the shaving unit?


Check if the shaving unit is still complete and all parts are there.
A complete shaving unit consists of

  • 3 cutters
  • 1 retaining frame 
  • 1 shaving head holder (top part of the shaving unit)
  • 1 bottom part of the shaving unit


Note: The shaving guards of this shaver cannot be removed. If they are accidentally removed from the shaving head holder and you cannot replace them, please phone the Consumer Care Center in your country or take the appliance to your dealer.

  1. Place the shaving-head holder in front of you, with the shaving guards facing down. [picture 1]
  2. Place the three cutters back into the shaving guards with the cutter legs pointing downward. [picture 2]

picture 1 and picture 2


  1. Place the green retaining frame back onto the shaving-head holder. [picture 8]
    Make sure you position the retaining frame correctly:
    - The small arrows should face up [picture 8A and 8B]
    - The arrow head on the shaving head holder should be pointing to the bottom arrow on the retaining frame (see exclamation mark in picture 8C).
    Picture 8A shows a correctly positioned retaining frame, whereas Picture 8B shows an incorrectly positioned retaining frame. Turn the retaining frame over so that the arrows are pointing up.


  1. Slide the retaining frame back into position ('click'). [picture 9]
  2. Place the shaving head holder back on the bottom part of the shaving unit. [picture 10]


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