Copying from a digital camera or a memory card in Thumbnail mode.


  • Turn on Photo Display and change view mode to Thumbnail.
  • Connect the digital camera or insert the memory card into Photo Display. Photos from digital camera or memory card will appear.
  • Highlight the photo for copy in Thumbnail mode and press the key (the 4th key from the left on the rear of Photo Display). A multi-photo copy screen with small photos from current thumbnail screen will appear.
  • Use the or key to move, to add photos to copy list, to remove photos from copy list, and then press the to confirm the copy list. Photos on the copy list are shown with a small copy icon . Do not remove the memory card or disconnect the camera before the copy screen disappears upon completion. If a warning message shows up indicating no free space for more photos, you may need to remove some already stored photos first before copying more photos.
  • You may move to other Thumbnail pages and continue this process until all the photos you want are copied to Photo Display.

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