How to setup the Guide Plus+ System?


  1. Turn on the TV set. If required, select the channel for the DVD recorder (channel 3 or 4).
  2. Press the TV GUIDE button on the remote control. The LISTINGS screen will appear.
  3. Press . Select SETUP with the  button. Use  to select Set up GUIDE now.
  4. Press OK to confirm. A list of countries will appear on the screen. Use  to select your country.
  5. Press OK to confirm.
  6. Enter the zip/postal code where the DVD recorder is being set up.
  7. Press OK to confirm.
  8. Select your type of antenna connection.

    • Cableservice No : Antenna
    • Cableservice Yes : Cable connection

  9. Press OK to confirm. If you selected Cableservice No, you have completed Guide Plus setup. Otherwise, continue on to step 10.
  10. Select the type of cable connection.

    • Yes : External cable box
    • No : Connection to a cable network

  11. Press OK to confirm. If you selected No, you have completed Guide Plus setup. Otherwise, continue on to step 12.
  12. If you connected the cable box to the DVD recorder only via the antenna cable, select with  the channel number on which the cable box is transmitting (most channel 3).

    If the cable box is connected via the Video/Audio or S-Video jack, select the relevant input jack of the DVD recorder on the screen. An incorrect setting here may lead to poor TV reception.
  13. Press OK to confirm. 

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