How to download ringers and pictures via WAP?


WAP is an operator service. It allows you to access services supplied with your network. Be sure: 

    -     you have signed a subcription including WAP with your network operator 
    -     your device has the WAP feature 
    -     your device has been configured with the correct WAP settings from your provider. If not, please refer to the FAQ on the "Over The Air" Settings

Then when you validate the demand through the WAP of a picture or ringer, a red "@" sign is displayed on the screen of you device. It means that there is the link in the Push Inbox.

  1. Then go to Menu / Operator Service / Wap / Push Inbox
  2. If you don't receive anything, it is empty!
  3. Then click on the URL found on the list
  4. You are then driven to the WAP site which enable you to download directly the picture or the ringer (site dependent)

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