Problem transferring music files to the GoGear micro Jukebox


  1. Launch Musicmatch® Jukebox

  2. Click on Portable Device on the left to open the Portable Device Manager.

  3. Once the Philips GoGear micro jukebox has been detected by the Portable Device Manager, Click the Add button to search for tracks, Playlists, or to browse your computer. Highlight the desired tracks or playlists and click Add.



    Alternatively, you can also click the Sync button to add all tracks from the Library or from specific playlists to your portable device.
  4. Once the transfer is completed, close Musicmatch® Jukebox
  5. Click on the removal icon on the task tray to stop and eject the jukebox. When a message appears saying the USB device can now be safely removed from the system, click OK.
  6. Unplug the Jukebox from the PC and enjoy the music on your hdd.

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