Why is there no picture on the TV?


  • The correct source mode was not selected. Ensure that the selection of source mode is the same as the rear connection. Example AV1/AV2/AV3/CVI etc. Follow the steps below to find the correct viewing channel:
    1. Press STANDBY-ON to turn on the player.
    2. Turn on the TV. 
      Note If connected to your VCR, make sure it is switched off or in standby mode before proceeding.
    3. Select the TV’s video input channel that corresponds to the jacks connecting the player to the TV.
      Note: Video Input selection varies for different brands/models of TVs. Consult the user manual or manufacturer or your TV if none of the below is successful.
      • Press channel 2 on your TV. Then press the channel down button to locate the video input channel. (This channel is usually located between the lowest and highest TV channels.)


      • For some TVs, there may be a button on the TV’s remote control that accesses the video input channel labeled SOURCE, AV or SELECT.


      •  Select the Video Input Channel from the TV’s on-screen menu system.
  • The cable between the TV and the receiver may not be securely connected. Ensure the connections are securely connected.
  • Try another similar cable to test out if the cable is defective, replace when necessary.
  • If this happens when you turn on the progressive scan feature or change the HDMI video setting, wait for 15 seconds for the auto recovery or refer to user manual for turning off the feature manually.

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