How to do Timer Recording.


  1. Press DISC/MENU so the MENU appears.

  2. Press or to select TIMER PROGRAMMING. Then, press . Program numbers that do not have a timer recording stored will flash.

  3. Press  or to select an empty program. Then, press .

  4. Press  or to select ONCE, DAILY, or WEEKLY. Then, press .

    • ONCE - The VCR will record a TV program on any day you choose, up to 12 months away.

    • DAILY - The VCR will record a TV program at the same time on the same channel every day, Monday through

    • WEEKLY - The VCR will record a TV program at the same time on the same channel every week, for example, every Monday.

  5. Press  or until the month appears beside DATE. Then, press . Next, press  or until the day appears.Then, press .

  6. To enter the recording’s start time, press  or until the hour appears beside START TIME. Press . Press  or until the minute appears. Press . Finally, press  or to point to AM or PM. AM or PM will flash beside the start time. Press .

  7. Repeat the procedure in step 6 to set the recording’s end time.

  8. Press  or until the channel number appears beside CHANNEL. Then, press .

  9. Press  or to select a recording tape speed. The arrow will appear beside your choice. The selected speed will flash beside REC SPEED.

  10. Press C-RESET/CLEAR to store the timer recording.

  11. Press TIMER SET.

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