How to select the recording speed.


  1. Switch on the TV set. If required, select the programme number for the System.

  3. Press DISC/VCR MENU. The main menu will appear.

  5. Select RECORD SETUP using ▲/▼ and confirm with .

  7. Select RECORD SPEED using ▲/▼.
    • SP - Standard Play (normal recording speed) offers the usual firstclass picture quality.

    • LP - Long Play (half recording speed, double recording time). 6 hours can be recorded on a 3-hour cassette (E180) with a somewhat reduced picture quality.

    • AUTO - AUTOmatic Long Play. If there is not enough space on the tape to record a programmed recording in standard speed, the recording is automatically done in 'LP' (Longplay). Otherwise, the recording speed will be 'SP' (Standardplay).

  9. Select the required recording speed with .

  11. To end, press DISPLAY/STATUS/EXIT.

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