I can only see some of the music tracks but not all that I have downloaded in my PSA. What could be the problem?


  • Your GoGear player does not support WMA files with digital rights management (DRM) or copy-protection. This will cause the files to be seen within Windows Media Player library, but your GoGear will not show or playback them back.
  • Some of the music tracks may be in a format or bit rate that is not supported by the GoGear. 
    • AAC or files in variable bit rate may be skipped by the player.
    • MP3 supports 32 –320kbps for MP3
    • WMA supports 5 - 192kbps with sampling rate 8.0kHz up to 44.1kHz
  • The Smart Hide feature may have been activated which hide some of tracks that you have downloaded in the GoGear.
    • To deactivate the Smart Hide feature, Go to Settings->Advanced->Smart Hide and select Offature.
  • Some of the downloaded tracks may be corrupted and unable to playback by your GoGear or there may be a partial hard disk corruption. Use the device manager to restore your PSA to the factory setting.

IMPORTANT: All music & content of your PSA will be erased once the GoGear is repaired. 

  1. Connect the GoGear to the power supply with the AC/DC adapter and to the computer with the provided USB cable. Make sure that Windows Media Player along with any other applications are closed.
  2. Launch the Philips Device Manager by double clicking the Device Manager icon at the task bar on your computer.
  3. Select the REPAIR tab on the dialogue box and then click Repair to start repairing.                                          
  4. Once the repair is complete a dialogue box will pop up; click OK and unplug the GoGear from the computer.

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