What is ShockLock and how do I activate the function on my GoGear?


Philips ShockLock is a superior feature, which eliminates the effects of shock and vibration to your GoGear player - even during the most vigorous workouts. Once you’ve selected your favorite songs to motivate you during your workout, simply press the 'Hold' button on your GoGear player. Next, select ShockLock mode and your music selection will automatically be loaded into the player’s buffer memory. From this moment on, the hard disc is protected in ShockLock mode to prevent shock and vibration. So you can enjoy shock-free workouts.

  1. Press the HOLD key
  2. Select ShockLock

  3. Wait for ShockLock loading

  4. During ShockLock mode (indicated with [S]), you can only listen to songs loaded into the buffer (between 4 and 12 songs)

  5. To disactivate ShockLock, press HOLD and deselect ShockLock or turn off your player.


IMPORTANT: This feature only applicable when the unit is in MUSIC mode.

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