When I press guide I get 'Program guide not activated. ...' .: EPG not activated.


You need to activate the EPG. Activation of the EPG consists of 2 distinct steps:

  1. Create and perssonalize an EPG subscription on the internet.
  2. Link your RC9800i with the internet setup (Activate)
During step 1, you will receive an activation code. Write it down, you will need it in step 2. Click here to start the internet setup.

When you've finished the internet setup proceed to step 2:

  1. Go to the home page by pressing
  2. Go to the System management area by pressing
  3. Press the Settings button
  4. Press the Services Setup button
  5. Press the Program Guide button
  6. Press the Activation button
  7. Enter the activation code received in step 1 and press the Activate button.

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