When I press watch, the resulting channel is incorrect.: The delay between the IR codes is wrong.


There are two different scenarios. Take as example that your TV needs to go to channel 45
  1. Your TV switches to channel 4 only: The delay is to short.
  2. Your TV switches to channel 4, followed by a switch to channel 5: The delay is to long.
To addapt the delays, do the following:
  1. Go to the home page by pressing .
  2. Go to the System management area by pressing .
  3. Press the Settings button.
  4. Press the Rooms & A/V Devices button.
  5. Press the Add/Edit A/V Devices button.
  6. Select the room and the device.
  7. Press Edit.
  8. Press the Device Info button.
  9. Press the Control Delays button.
  10. Change the Delay between channel digits (ms): value to a higher value in the case of scenario 1 and a lower value in the case of scenario 2.

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