How to automatically set the time and date?


  1. Press remote 'SYSTEM MENU' button.

  2. Select left most icon with cursor left.

  3. Press cursor down to INSTALLATION, press cursor right.

  4. Press cursor down to TIME/DATE, press cursor right.

  5. Press cursor down to AUTOMATIC, press cursor right. With cursor up/down select the field to be changed (PBS CHANNEL, DAYLIGHT SAVING, or TIME ZONE).

  6. Use cursor left/right to adjust the selected field. Usually, the PBS station in your area broadcasts time/date; try this channel number as your first choice for PBS channel. Be sure to select the correct time zone if the PBS channel selected is not in your time zone.

  7. Confirm settings with 'OK' button.

  8. Press 'SYSTEM MENU' to exit the menu.

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