How to do Manual Recording. (VCR)


  1. Turn on the TV and set it to channel 3 or 4 or the Video In channel, whichever you normally use to view the Recorder.
  2. Insert a videotape with its record tab intact into the cassette compartment of the Recorder. If videotape playback begins, press STOP .
  3. Press REC MODE until the desired tape speed (SP or SLP) appears briefly on the TV screen.
  4. Press CHANNEL  or the Number buttons to select the TV channel to record.
  5. Press VCR REC  to start recording. REC will appear on the VCR display panel.
  6. To pause the recording, press PAUSE once. REC will flash in the VCR display panel. To resume recording, press VCR REC  or press PAUSE again. REC will reappear.
  7. To stop recording, press STOP .

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