How to do Timer Recording. (VCR Plus+® System)


  1. Press VCR Plus+/TIMER on the remote control.
  2. Press  to select VCR Plus+ system, then press .
  3. Press the Number buttons to enter the PlusCode number from your TV guide, then press OK. If you make a mistake, press CLEAR to erase the PlusCode number, then enter it correctly.
  4. If the timer recording information seems correct and complete, press OK. Stored will appear at the bottom of the screen briefly. The Timer menu will reappear.
  5. Press VCR Plus+/TIMER to remove the menu.
  6. Put a recordable DVD+RW or DVD+R in the Recorder. Press STANDBY-ON to turn off the Recorder at least five minutes before the timer recording is set to begin.

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