How to do Timer Recording.


  1. Press the VCR button, then press the DISC/MENU button. The main menu will appear.
  2. Press  to select TIMER PROGRAMMING. Then press . Program numbers that do not have a timer recording stored will flash.


  3. Press  to select an empty program. Then press .


  4. Press  to select ONCE, DAILY or WEEKLY. Then press .
    • ONCE - The VCR will record a TV program on any day you choose, up to 12 months away.
    • DAILY - The VCR will record a TV program at the same time on the same channel every day, Monday through Friday.
    • WEEKLY - The VCR will record a TV program at the same time on the same channel every week, for example, every Monday.

  5. To set the recording date, press  until the month appears. Then press .
  6. Repeat the steps to set the DAY, START TIME, AM/PM, END TIME, AM/PM, CHANNEL and REC SPEED.
  7. Press the CLEAR/RESET button to store the timer recording.
  8. Press the TIMER SET button. The player will turn off and timer icon will appear on the front of the player. In some cases, the player will switch to DVD mode instead. You may use the DVD player during a timer recording.
  9. If you want to use the VCR until time for recording, don't press the TIMER SET button until a few minutes before the recording should start. Or, press the TIMER SET button only when you know that you won't be using the VCR anymore (until after the recording). When the timer icon is on, you cannot put the player in VCR mode. You must first press TIMER SET to cancel the timer recording temporarily. Then you can use the VCR features again.

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