First-time DVD/VCR setup.


  1. Turn on the TV. Set it to channel 3 or 4 or its AUDIO/VIDEO IN channel, depending on how you connected the DVD/VCR to the TV.
  2. Press VCR, then press STANDBY-ON. The VCR light will appear on the front of the DVD/VCR. The display shown below will appear. These menus may not appear if you have turned on the DVD/VCR before.


  3. Press  to select ENGLISH, FRANCAIS (French), or ESPAÑOL (Spanish) as the language for VCR on-screen displays and menus. Then, press .


  4. Press  to begin channel programming. AUTO SETUP will flash on the TV screen during the channel search. The DVD/VCR will memorize all available channels. When channel programming is complete, the lowest available channel will appear on the TV.

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