Timer recording (VCR Plus+® System)


  1. Press GUIDE to display the Guide menu.
  2. Press  to select Timer Record and then press OK.
  3. Press  to select VCR Plus+ Setting and press OK.
  4. Press  to select once, daily or weekly and press OK.
  5. Use the numbered buttons to enter the PlusCode number and then press OK.
  6. After entering the PlusCode numbers, the GCN and Present channel will be displayed. Press OK to preset the Channel.
  7. Press  to select DVD or HDD and then press OK.
  8. Press  to select Recording mode and then press OK.
  9. The Timer Record information will be displayed. Press OK to confirm the settings.
  10. Press  and OK to exit the timer record settings for VCR Plus+®.
  11. Press STANDBY to turn the recorder off to activate Timer Record function.

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