Record from DV Camcorder on Hard Disk.


  1. Connect the DV camcorder to the DV IN jack on the front panel of this recorder.
  2. Find the footage on the DV camcorder that you want to start recording from and set the camcorder to pause mode.
  3. Turn on the TV to the correct program number for the recorder (e.g. ‘EXT’, ‘0’, ‘AV’.)
  4. Turn on the recorder and press DV (or USB/DV) on the remote control. An information box will be displayed.
  5. Press SELECT (or REC MODE) repeatedly to change the mode of record quality.
  6. Press REC to start recording and press the PLAY button on the DV camcorder to start playback.
  7. To pause the recording, press PAUSE . To resume recording, press PLAY . A new chapter marker is created after recording restarts.
  8. To stop recording, press STOP . A new title will be created when you begin another recording.

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