How to get the latest system area in my old pcf files?


If you have created your own Page Overview Template and/or your own Device Overview Template, then you will need to backup these pages:
  1. Insert two pages in Home and label them respectively Page Overview Template backup, Device Overview Template backup
  2. Open the Page Overview Template backup
  3. Open the Page Overview Template page
  4. Select all items on the Page Overview Template page
  5. Press CTRL + c
  6. Select the Page Overview Template backup page
  7. Press CTRL + v. You should now have copied all items with the exact position
  8. Do the same with the Device Overview Template
  9. Save this file as basic_to_merge.pcf

    Now create a new configuration file in ProntoEdit NG. Make sure you select the correct type TSU3000, TSU3500, RU950 or RU960.
    Next press File-Merge File and select your old pcf file or, the above saved basic_to_merge.pcf file.
    In case you did a backup of your Overview Template pages, you will need to copy them back to the newly created pages.

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