How do I view pictures on my GoGear?


  1. From the root menu select PICTURES to enter the picture mode.
  2. Use the touch pad to select ALL PICTURES; you can then view multiple pictures in a thumbnail view together on the display at one time.

  3. Select the picture that you would like to view in full screen by using the touch pad. Click to display the picture in full screen.

  4. To view the pictures in a slideshow, press the MENU key to enter the menu and select Start slide show. You can assign a playlist to play during the slideshow in the slideshow settings. During a slideshow you cannot skip, fast forward, or rewind your music.

If you cannot find the pictures that you have transferred into the GoGear even after going through the steps described above, please try transferring the pictures again by following the procedure described in the FAQ  - "How do I add pictures to my GoGear?"

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