How do I hook up/connect my GoGear to my computer?


For Windows98 SE users:

You have to install the necessary driver to your PC. It will be installed automatically when you install the software on the included CD-rom. The software and the driver installation must be completed before making any connection or else your computer cannot recognize the GoGear player.

For WindowsME/2000/XP users:

The GoGear player supports USB Mass Storage Class, and MTP Media Transfer Protocol. Simply hook up your GoGear player to your computer via the slide out USB connector or the supplied USB cable. You do not have to install a driver for USB connection. The unit will be recognized as a USB Mass Storage device or Media Transfer Protocol device. It is automatically listed as a REMOVABLE DISK in Windows Explorer or UNTITLED DISK on Desktop. The unit should display showing that the connection is being established.

Note: Always turn on the computer before connecting the GoGear player.

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