How do I create & transfer a playlist to my SHOQBOX with Musicmatch® Jukebox?


  1. Launch Musicmatch® Jukbox.
  2. Highlight the selected tracks in the library.
  3. Drag & drop the selected tracks into the Playlist window.
  4. Connect your SHOQBOX to the computer using the supplied USB cable.
  5. You may also want to plug your SHOQBOX into a wall outlet with the supplied AC adapter. 
  6. Click Portable Device to open the Portable Device Manager, or select the menu File>Send to Portable Device. The Portable Device Manager (PDM) will open. After a moment it will display your attached device.
  7. To transfer a playlist to the SHOQBOX.
    1. Click the button.
    2. Click the Playlist button to search for Playlists.
    3. Once the desired Playlist has been found, highlight the Playlist(s) and then click Add.

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