The device appears to be dead even when connected to the AC/DC adapter


There are a few possibilities as follows:

  • The PLAY key was not pressed and held long enough. To power up the unit, press and hold the key until the display turns on.
  • The battery of the hdd is not charged. When you use the GoGear, always make sure that battery is charged sufficiently. (It will take approximately 4 hours to fully recharge the build-in battery of your hdd).
    IMPORTANT: When using your GoGear for the first time, please make sure that you have charged the GoGear for at least 4 hours to let the battery build up the required operating voltage before use.
  • The GoGear is hanging up. Connect your GoGear to the AC/DC adapter, do a soft reset by pressing and holding the  and the volume + keys at the same time for a couple of seconds, then switch on the Jukebox normally with the button.

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