How to check the signal strength of the digital services?


  1. In digital mode, press the ‘DIGITAL’ button on the remote control to display the setup menu.
  2. Press the cursor up/down button to INSTALLATION and press the cursor right button.
  3. Press the cursor up/down button to TEST RECEPTION and press the cursor right button to enter the submenu.
  4. Press the cursor right button to enter the frequency of the digital channel that you wish to test and the menu will display the network name, signal quality and signal strength. 
    Note: Please refer to your local television listings for digital channels and the frequency.
  5. Press the ‘DIGITAL’ button once to exit the menu.
  • If signal is poor only on one channel, you can try to re-enter the frequency between the lower and the higher limit.
  • If the problem still exists, then it appears that you may have a signal problem. Please contact the cable provider or local broadcaster regarding the specific channel.
  • If the problems appears on all channels: 
    Check the aerial or cable TV input connection to ensure that it is properly secured to the television's aerial input.
  • If connection is good, it is advisable to contact a aerial installer to check the strength of the incoming signal.

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