What should I do if I see the following messages when I play a disc: NF Disc, no RF, or UNFINALIZED?


  • Make sure that the disc is a digital audio disc. Your player cannot play the following discs:
    • CD-ROM, CD-i, VCD, and DVDs;
    • CR-R or CD-RW discs that are not finalized; or
    • defective or blank discs.
  • Make sure that CD-R or CD-RW discs are of good quality. Poor quality discs can have low reflectivity and can be difficult for the player to read.
  • For home-burnt discs, make sure that the disc is CD-R or CD-RW, burnt with non-packet writing software, such as Easy CD creator. Select the Disc at Once option in Data Disk mode. Your player cannot play data in Universal Data Format (UDF).
  • Make sure that your disc is not a two-sided, CD/DVD-disc (called DualDisc or Flip Disc). Your player cannot play all DualDiscs or Flip Discs.
  • If your CD drive doesn’t work, contact our Customer Care Center for help.

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