How do I install my KEY Ring Audio player?


All the Philips KEY Ring Audio players support USB Mass Storage Class. On first connecting the player with a PC running on WindowsME/2000 or XP via the USB connector, an application will launch and the unit will be recognized as a USB Mass Storage Class device. It will be automatically listed as a "Removable drive" in Windows Explorer, therefore no separate installation of driver is required. However you may also wish to install the formatter and the MUSICMATCH Jukebox to manage your music files.

  1. Insert the installation CD into the CD ROM drive.
  2. When the quick start guide pops up, click NEXT to move to the next screen then select the desired product.
  3. An application will run automatically to install the MUSICMATCH Jukebox

For a PC running on Windows 98SE, a separate driver has to be installed BEFORE hooking up the player with the PC. The driver may be installed by going through the steps below:

  1. Simply insert the installation CD into the CD ROM drive.
  2. On the installation menu, after you finish reading the quick start guide, click NEXT to move on to the next screen. Then select the desired product
  3. An application will run automatically checking whether a driver has been previously installed on the PC. If not, then the installation of the driver will start automatically. (If the application did not launch automatically, try opening and closing the CD tray to initiate the application).
  4. Once the driver is installed, you may hook up the unit to your PC for downloading your music files via Windows Explorer.

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