My KEY Ring Audio player has no power. What's wrong?


  • The internal battery of the player may have run out. Either connect the player to the PC via the USB connector to fully re-charge the battery for 5 hours (the PC must be powered on during charging) or attach the player to the external battery pack. Insert one 1.5V AAA-size battery into the battery pack. Make sure that the battery in the external battery pack is inserted correctly according to the polarity marked in the battery compartment.
  • You may not have the PLAY button of the remote pressed and held long enough, Press and hold the PLAY button until the orange light flashes momentarily to power up the unit.
  • Check if the wired (or neck strap) remote has been securely connected to the player.
  • Also please check the position of the CHARGING / PLAYBACK switch, and make sure that it is at the playback position for the player to power up.
  • If nothing works, please go through the following recovery procedure.
    1. Make sure that the player is unplugged from the PC and that the CHARGING / PLAYBACK switch of the player is in CHARGING position.
    2. Connect the player to the PC via the USB.
    3. The green LED should light up.
    4. Press & hold the PLAY key on the wired remote while changing the Charging / Playback switch to the PLAYBACK position.
    5. The green LED should switch OFF.
    6. Hold the PLAY key on the wired remote for another 5 seconds.
    7. Release the PLAY key from the remote.
    8. The player has now entered the recovery mode. At Start->Programs->Philips Key Ring Wearable Audio player click RECOVERY.
    9. Now you can see the RECOVERY windows. Press START.
    10. The recovery application is now correcting your player.
    11. Once the recovery process is complete, you may click on the removal icon on the task tray to stop and eject the player. When a message saying that the USB device can now be safely removed from the system appears, click OK. In Win98, there is no removal icon. You can remove the player when the light of the Key Ring player stops blinking.
    12. Now you may unplug the player from your PC. The unit should now be able to resume normal operation.

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