How do I recharge my KEY Ring Audio player?


  1. Start off by making sure that the mode selector switch of the player is in the CHARGING position.
  2. Turn on the power of your PC
  3. For Windows 98SE users, the driver must be installed BEFORE hooking up the player with your PC. Insert the installation CD into the CD ROM drive. The auto program on the CD will run and automatically install the driver.
  4. Plug your Key Ring Player securely into the USB port of your PC.
  5. The green LED should light up continuously, indicating that the player is charging up. It will take approximately 5 hours to completely charge up the player and it is very important that during the charging process, the power of your PC must stay on all the time.
  6. Once the internal battery of the player is completely charged, the green LED will switch itself off.
  7. Have the mode selector switch turned to the PLAYBACK position ready for downloading and playback.

NOTE: The external battery pack cannot be used to recharge the internal battery of the KEY Ring Audio player.

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