What is the recovery mode and how do I get there?


When you start up the Firmware Manager application it may ask you to go to recovery mode. There are two possible reasons why this happens:

  1. The firmware currently on your player is more than 1 generation older than the firmware in the Firmware Manager application. In this case you need to go to recovery mode to be able to upgrade the firmware. (Please back up all your files before entering the recovery mode.)
  2. Your player does not react to any key-presses anymore. If such a hang up happens you need to go to recovery mode in order for your computer to recognize the player.

In both cases please follow these steps to go to recovery mode;

  • Disconnect you player
  • Press and hold the play/pause key and immediately connect the player to the computers USB port
  • Keep holding the play/pause key until the next screen appears.
  • Follow on screen instructions.

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